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NOTE:  Recent developments in the Streaming Video space indicate Social N’s vision of becoming the first EVER Local Nationwide Video Network in history are not only achievable, but ahead of the curve.  HBO has recently announced that it will begin streaming content over the Internet.  http://www.theverge.com/2014/10/15/6982049/hbo-go-will-offer-standalone-subscription-2015

Amazon Apple Google All Vie for a piece of the TV 2.0 Market (Motely Fool says this “war” will disrupt the Internet)

Twitter Buys a Live Streaming Company called Periscope: www.engadget.com/2015/03/13/twitter-buys-periscope/

According to the MMA,  80% of the U.S. surfs the Internet from a Mobile Phone or Tablet each day.

More businesses will enter this space moving forward, and Social N is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this trend.


http://socialnmiami.com/miami-tv-online-tv-network/    This is a Sample in Miami, multiple cities still available.

Social N is a Vast Network Of Websites and Social Media Profiles in the Largest 65 Cities

     ~ Social N has tens of thousands of Social Media Connections in Each Major U.S. Market

     ~ Social N has over 3 Million Connections.

     ~ We grow our Audience by about 3,000 Social Media Connections Daily

     ~ Social N has grown faster than Pinterest at the same stage in their cycle

Social N is an Unparalleled Content Delivery System

     ~ Social N receives over 5,000 Event Tweets per Week from End Users

     ~ Social N can broadcast a Nationwide Alert in 23 Seconds to Every Major U.S. City

     ~ Social N provides Free Calendar Insertions for Anyone Anywhere with No Gimmicks

     ~ Social N’s unique market saturation capabilities  influences other media streams


Social N Is Unique in it’s Use of Social Data Mining Science to Penetrate Markets

     ~ Social N Burrows into Micro Local and Micro Niche Markets

     ~ Social N Offers A Virtual Social Media Assistant for Businesses to utilize our methods to convert connections to Sales

     ~ Social N knows how to drive sales, buzz, attendance, and to convert digital to human connectivity


     ~ Social N Offers Many Small Business Advertising Rates

     ~ Special Non Profit/Cause Rates

     ~ Social N Creates Buzz around Any Campaign, either locally or Nationally


Social N’s Second Phase is to Grow the Worlds First Online Streaming Local Video Network 

      ~ Use Content Delivery System to provide unique micro local streaming Video experience

      ~ Consumers want lower bandwidth, micro local mobile video experience which is relevant to them

      ~ Local and National Brands want unique cost effective approach for burrowing into local markets

You can learn more about Social N, and what we do for our Clients here:  http://socialnworldwide.com/what-social-n-can-do-for-you/

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Note to SocialN

  • Social N is the only affordable Content Delivery System with major media sites, AND major Social profiles in all U.S. Markets that can deliver your message to millions of people affordably. ~ If you are an Investor who is looking to change history, and help Social N grow into a major powerhouse, ~ If you are an advertiser looking to see if you qualify and to see if there might be a good fit, ~ Or an Applicant ~ Have questions ? then you are free to contact the Publisher today.