02/05 2015

What Social N Can do for You

Social N grows it’s audience by about 3k to 5k people per day. That’s 12k to 25k new connections per week, or about 100k per month.  Our Map shows all the markets we are in here:  “How Big is Social N?”  http://socialnworldwide.com/who-we-are-map/

The first and most obvious strength is that we have mastered the science of micro local and micro niche network building.  We use the tactics described in our Founder’s Book:  “How to Use Twitter for Local Business” by  @PronetworkBuild and the unique strategies developed over the years.

We can use these tactics to help your business grow sales and drive traffic to your URL through a variety of affordable and results driven programs, products and Campaigns.

~ Tweet Campaigns over our huge network of cities and accounts

~ Advertising on our Websites

~ Co Branding Opportunities with Start Ups, Brands, Entrepreneurs and Businesses

~ Reach tens of thousands in each local market, Millions Nationwide, driving hits to your URL


Social N is also the ONLY Company ever conceived specifically to be the world’s first Online Streaming Local National Network.   This means that people who follow @SocialInLA  can view content about their region on our Websites, and we will provide quality unique programming using a hybrid of Social Interaction, and embeds.  The same goes for all the other major U.S. Markets like @SocialInNewYork  @SocialInDC  @SocialInChicago  and the other 65 Major Markets.

~  Indie Web Series

~ Unique Content Delivery System

~ Get away from the tired boring Hulu, Netflix “Hollywood Re Run”  Model

~ Offer Quality “Live” Content as well as recurring archived content

~ Provide a Unique way for Advertisers to reach a local online audience

~ Provide a HUGE wide audience for Causes, Events, Professionals, or Web Series Producers


Social N specializes in scientific results based Campaigns.   Over the years, we’ve had the benefit of conducting THOUSANDS not hundreds of different Campaigns.  Agencies, so called self styled “Specialists” NEVER get the chance to see how emotional triggers and compelling content work in various and difficult situations.  Moreover,  NO OTHER Online Advertising or Marketing firm even has the numbers of connections that Social N enjoys.  So even if they have some experience handling 50 brands, they don’t have the shear number of connections to test sampling and results.

~  We help the Client craft Calls to Action (CTA’s)

~  We generate results in a Social Environment

~  We manage the PPC and AdWord Process

~  Use research based SEO to manipulate Search algorithms

~  Build Websites which Dynamic, Interactive and Mobile Enabled

~  Provide Marketing Experience for Start Ups, and help Entrepreneurs Maximize their limited resources

~  Help companies maximize ROI by not spending money on useless trial and error tactics which don’t work

~  Have years of Sales and Marketing Experience that Millennial and Younger Marketers don’t possess

This is just a bit of what Social N Worldwide, Inc has accomplished, what we can do for you, and where we are going.   We can’t take on every project.  We can’t, it wouldn’t be fair to our existing clients if we take on everyone.  But you know what?  At least you would be getting intelligent, honest feedback from skilled marketers.  Our results speak for themselves.   There is simply NO OTHER marketing company on the planet which has sacrificed the time and money to grow as big as we are.   We use that same discipline on every one of our clients.  It’s worth it!  Taking the time to get our clients results is not just a mantra or ideal, it is a way of life for Social N.  Remember to Plant and Sow.


Note to SocialN

  • Social N is the only affordable Content Delivery System with major media sites, AND major Social profiles in all U.S. Markets that can deliver your message to millions of people affordably. ~ If you are an Investor who is looking to change history, and help Social N grow into a major powerhouse, ~ If you are an advertiser looking to see if you qualify and to see if there might be a good fit, ~ Or an Applicant ~ Have questions ? then you are free to contact the Publisher today.


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