02/16 2016


This is my daughter she’s only 1 year old and she needs your help.


My name is Dimple Kris Lavares, mother of Krisple Claire who needs immediate surgery due to (Atresia of the Ear Canal). She needs to undergo Cochlear Implant, and the amount we need is $10,989.00. Me and my husband have no ability to support that amount. I would like to knock on your hearts to please help us raise the funds. Your single centavo is a big help!.



This is her Clinical Abstract and the quotation of her implant.


Attached are the documents to prove authenticity of my claims. You can also verify this through her Audiologist Doctor via email, francesdianne.martinez@medel.com or if you have any questions just email @ krispleclaire06@yahoo.com. If you want to donate some money just send it to her paypal account @ krispleclaire06@yahoo.com.

May you will be blessed for the help.

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