08/02 2015

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Now you can take advantage Immediately of your relationship with Social N.

Your Free Page on a Local Social N Website


Here’s your first FREE Benefit of Partnering with Social N.  Our Websites are popular, well read, and focus on local events, news, announcements, and local businesses.  After you provide some information about your business, Social N will have your page up within about 24 hours.   If you have a Logo, or Image or even Video, you can include them.

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This page will also be a powerful backlink to your site!  The value cannot be underestimated.  Without backlinks a Website is largely just a business card.  If you don’t drive traffic to your site, then nobody will see it without backlinks.  Social N fills the gap immediately, since we are popular, and well trafficked.

Small Business

Yes! I want my free, no obligation small local business page on Social N for my city:


My Local Webpage

  • Here's a Trick! People Look for Keywords when searching the Internet. So if you are a Tire Store in Denver, you should have us create a page entitled: Denver Tires. This will provide a powerful and dynamic backlink to your site.
  • This is where you describe your business. Give specific details. What is Unique about your business? What specials will you offer Social N readers? We recommend a Specific Call to Action as well as a short description. A Call to Action might be: Buy Now, Order Now, Limited Time Offer, 66 Percent Off, Free Sign Up. Create Urgency. People use the Internet to find "deals". Take advantage of this sociocultural shift. if you are an Internet Business, describe what it is you sell. This Section is where you get to "sell" your business to potential visitors, end users and Social N's Audience. You have 4 or 5 Sentences. USE BREVITY! Always be shortening. If you write a book about your business, you are wasting your time. People don't read anymore, they "Skim" . Long Posts are risky, as you are leaving it up to our Editors what to delete and what to post.


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