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Social N uses our talent for Micro Local Social and Micro Local SEO to help your business grow.

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Since early 2010 Social N has grown from a small social media thread in Washington, DC to be one of the largest purely social brands in the world.  This is no surprise to us.  Social N employs techniques honed by our Founder, Lon Dunn who has written, “How to Use Twitter for Local Business” an instant hit, which ranks Number 1 on Google and Amazon.   Now your business can benefit from years of experience as well.   Services We Offer:

A. Virtual Social Media Assistant Packages

 Social N grows your account by 6,000 to 8,000 New Local Active Connections on Facebook and Twitter in first 90 days

 Teach You Best Social Media Practices, Engagement, and Proper Scientific Social Anthropology

  Educate Small Business Owner to Proper Emotional Triggers

  Drive Traffic to your “Call to Action” or  CTA  Pages, like “Buy Now” or “Order Now”

B. Nationwide Social Media Campaigns

  Social N with it’s tens of thousands of connections in each major market, can speed a message across it’s entire platform in less than 20 seconds; no major brands in the United States have this unique ability to spread news announcements stories alerts or even blog hits faster.   Mainstream Media cannot get a story from a writers desk to an editor via eMail by the time Social N has sped it across the major markets.

   With it’s unique content delivery system, Social N can tweet multiple times daily, saturating the targeted demographic.

C.  Local Tweet Only Campaigns

    Need your message targeted to your micro local audience?   Social N can penetrate the local market to drum up support for a Cause or Non Profit, in minutes, and provide information at exactly the kind of demographic you seek.   No other brand is as responsive, or well engineered as Social N.   Built on micro local principles from its very founding Social N is all about your local audience.

D.  Local Full Page Article Combined with Tweets Multiple Times Daily

     Think of Social N as a “Content Delivery System”   Social N’s pages are all “Scalable” this means they will automatically size themselves to any mobile device: iPhone, Android, Tablets like Galaxy or iPad, and PCs.   98 percent of Social N’s audience has read an article on their mobile device at some point.  Full Page Articles can contain Links to Facebook, Twitter, even Video Links, and of course your Business’ “Call to Action”  (CTA) Landing Pages, such as “Buy Now” ,  “Order Now”  or “Contact Us”   This increase your chances of making a sale, by sidestepping costly experimentation or trial and error.  Social N is unequaled by it’s ability to deliver your message, as it Tweets your article multiple times daily, saturating the targeted Demographic.

E.  Special Non Profit/Cause/Fundraising Rates

     From it’s humble beginnings in Washington, DC in early 2010 Social N has taken on the role of supporting non mainstream Indie Artists, Music and Events.  More importantly,  Social N has always supported Causes, Non Profits, Charities, and Fundraisers.  Our favorite type of Press Release? The Cause/Event.   Our philosophy embodies the ideal that the Local Audience wants to have fun, and if they can help a cause simultaneously they will enjoy that event even more.   Also, Causes and Charities are able to reach a demographic that might no be inclined to go out.  As such, Social N has special Non Profit Rates often at a fraction of the Published Rate.

F.  Coupon Marketing Rates

    Social N has a Coupon Flip Book Program for Local Businesses.   End Users are directed to the Coupon Book, and exposed to other offers by  a wide range of businesses.  This is Local Business supporting other Local Businesses.  With Social N’s vast reach, thousands of people see your Businesse’s Coupon.   At affordable rates, the Coupon Flip Book is a powerful, and efficient tool for Business Growth.

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