12/05 2015

Holiday Marketing For Local or Small Business

 Limited Time Offer.  Holiday SpecialSmall_Christmas_Tree

Social N is undoubtedly THE Best Local Social Media Brand throughout the United States.

Our accounts are connected with tens of thousands of local followers in each major market.

Thus, when we say we are running the LOWEST PRICED HOLIDAY SPECIAL We’ve Ever Run?

That means you are in store for some heavy hitting, high impact local visits to your website, store or business!

In Time for:

Holiday Specials, Sizzling Seasonal Specials, Limit Time Offers, Holiday Discounts, Free Offerings to Generate Traffic, Steep Discounts…  People are in a great mood, they have money budgeted to spend, and they are planning to enjoy the holidays!!

Not only does your marketing work now, but when other businesses slow down, you will have hits, traffic and people will stop by your URL or Call to Action, so you can change your offer weekly, or as you see fit!

Right through January!

Instead of Slowing down in January, you will still have coverage!

Candy Cane





What we do:

Full Page Article (normally $499)

Multiple Tweets Daily  (right through January, hundreds of tweets) valued at $499

Graphic (Banner)  on our Home Page, and All Articles/Posts (each of our posts is tweeted twenty times, do the math) banner linked to your sales page with embedded code

What you do:

Provide us your Specials, Discounts, Offers, Holiday Specials as you think of them, and we’ll change the marketing

Give us your Business information, @TwitterHandle and Facebook EVEN A VIDEO and We’ll put it in the article!

This Holiday Special is ONLY $79.00!! 

Limited Availability!  Limited Time Offer: Expires 12/22/2015



You will be Redirected to our Check out Page after you order.

Customer Service Phone 571-501-6129

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