08/03 2015

Causes Non Profits Special

Know of a Great Cause?

Want to Help them Get the Word Out?

What better way to show your support than giving them the gift of tens of thousands of hits?

Social N supports many great Causes and Non Profits and Fundraisers since our inception.

As a matter of fact,  Causes tied to Events have been one of our areas of focus from the beginning.  Think:  Breat Cancer Awareness 5K Run.

Thus, our Demographic is comfortable with this niche, and they are used to finding great Causes to Support on our Sites!

Here’s what you get with our Non Profit Special:


~ Traffic over our Huge Online Network for Two Months, or As long as your Fundraiser is Running!

~ Over ALL our Accounts like: SocialInLA; SocialInDC, SocialInNewYork… etc et al

    (Social N has over 200 accounts, and 150 cities)

~ Only National Marketing Campaign ANYWHERE on the Internet that focuses solely on Causes and Fundraisers

~ Marketing Can also contain image in our Postings

~ We will help you craft your Campaign, and Create Compelling Content that Converts to Donations or Transactions

~ Continue your Partnership with us AFTER the Fundraiser is over, by staying in touch

Causes and Non Profits and Fundraisers NEED PROMOTION.  Too many approach Fundraising without a Solid Plan!  Nobody wants to see a Great Cause not get support and traffic.  Sadly, all too many Causes fail to plan for success.

PT Barnum said it best: “A terrible thing happens without promotion: NOTHING!!”

Let’s get you started on what we’ll do for you:

  • Targeted Audience  Works Nationally OR Locally

  • Keywords

  • Get the Word out Fast!

  • Get Your Message Read by Tens of Thousands of People Daily Quickly and Effectively

  • Daily Traffic, Consistently, Regularly, and Interested in your Keywords


What We Do:

  • Minimum 75 Targeted Large U.S. Cities (Often Over Deliver) and 50 Smaller Cities

  • We’ll do your Campaign Locally over our local feeds or nationally

  • Tweets hand crafted by experienced marketer

  • Scheduled over the course of 60-90 Days to receive optimum results,

  • Multiple twitter accounts with real followers! Hire us Today!


What You Do:

  • Provide a Link to Your Website or Blog

  • Provide Your Twitter Handle (User Name)

We Do the Rest!


Limited Time Offer. Only One Order Per Customer.

Yes! I would love to help my Cause and Give it A Boost! COMPLETE NATIONAL MARKETING CAMPAIGN FOR NON PROFITS:  $199

This is Special Non Profit Pricing. Normally $495/Month.  This is $199 ONE TIME for as long as the Fundraiser takes place.  This is NOT a recurring payment.  Limited Time Fundraiser/Cause Special.   Two Months is about standard for Kickstarter/IndieGoGo.  However, if there is any extra time left on the Campaign, we’ll run tweets driving traffic to your website or blog site for general exposure.



Customer Service:  703-801-0377

Works Great With:




Non Profits



Can be paid by Volunteers, Principles, even just Interested Parties who want to help out?

Need More Hits? Want Real Human Traffic to your Website or Blog?
Find the Local OR National Traffic (your choice) through our Limited Time Offer:
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