05/27 2016

Business Merchant Services

The  day is short BUSINESS OWNERS!  and we can help.  Additionally, we have a special offer this weekend through one of our lending partners who is a TOP TEN Merchant servicing company:

Most Merchants save about 45% meaning 2000 to 3000 dollars (depending on your transactions) over their current credit card processing company.  And you are new to credit processing we can likely qualify you within minutes.

24/7 customer service always a live person

24 hour funding            48 month rate lock guarantee

Provide equipment      Warranty Equipment

Point of Sales            Free PCI Compliance            EMV Compatibility

Speed and Security Updates 2x a month automatically

Free online access to your account information

Tax Deductible

Coupons can print on every receipt

Price Match Guarantee+$500

Other services offered:   Business Cash Advance

 ATM/Cash Back            Mobile Pay            Apple Pay

Check Reader            Gift Cards            Online Payment

Call any time this weekend  703-801-0377

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