Social In Large

Social N is the World’s First National Local Online Network. With tens of thousands of audience members already connected in each major U.S. Market, Social N can deliver unique, local, non mainstream content than larger competitors. The Biggest Reason: Unlike YouTube Social N does not drive your end user to your competitor. That’s not what we call a smart business model for the local consumer either.

Social N has the unique ability to “saturate the demographic” while not appearing spammy or to violate Twitter’s or Facebook’s Terms of Service (TOS). This means that the audience has a better chance of seeing a program when they want, on the device they want and as often as they want.

As a content delivery system, Social N has no peers or competitors. Do you want your product, business, or Web Series seen by a micro local or national audience? Do you like morning work, or do you want to make profit ’round the clock? Whatever the marketing strategy, Social N delivers up content over iPhones, Androids, Tablets, PC’s, Laptops, it doesn’t matter. Viewers want to have a pleasant overall experience or they won’t come back. Social N understands this. We do our part to use best social media practices, while delivering the highest quality video services anywhere.